Blow (2001) Full - Malay subtitles [Download .srt file]

{4061}{4108}That's a nice boy.
{4133}{4180}Go get him, Dulli.
{4205}{4228}Get in.
{4420}{4467}-We good?|-Oh, yeah.
{4468}{4587}Are we good? Yeah, we're good.|We're beautiful. We're perfect.
{4588}{4707}This is grade-A. 100% pure Colombian|cacaine, ladies and gentlemen.
{4708}{4779}Disco shit. Pure as the driven snow.
{4804}{4851}Myname is George Jung...
{4852}{4923}federal inmate number|19225004.
{4996}{5043}I was born in New England...
{5044}{5115}Massachusetts, actually,|in a town called Weymouth.
{5116}{5139}That's me.
{5140}{5211}And that's mybest friend, Tuna.
{5212}{5283}Mydad ran a plumbing and|heating company.
{5284}{5379}He hard three trucks, ten employees|and did bigjobs.
{5380}{5427}-He was myhero.|-Did you do it?
{5428}{5499}-I didn't fall once.|-Attaboy. See you tonight, okay?
{5500}{5595}-Can I please come to work with you?|-Fred. Let's go. Say goodbye.
{5596}{5715}Clam it. I'll talk to my boy as long as|I want to. Ya got a problem with that?
{5834}{5881}You really want to some?
{5930}{5977}What the heck? All right.
{6002}{6097}-All right, get your boots.|-Thanks, Dad. Thanks.
{6098}{6217}Bill, what's your problem? Guess who's|on clean up today. And buyin' lunch.
{6218}{6289}Money! M-O-N-E-Y!|That's yourjob, not mine!
{6290}{6361}Dad worked hard, but didn't earn|enough to please Mom.
{6362}{6409}Why do you think I married you?
{6410}{6457}She'd thoughtshe'd married|above herclass.
{6458}{6529}He'dpromised her the moon,|but didn't deliver.
{6530}{6625}The true was, business gotslow|and we were broke.
{6626}{6673}Don't touch me!|Look at your hands.
{6674}{6721}Please, not in front ofthe boy.
{6722}{6769}The boy, the boy!|What about me, Fred?
{6770}{6817}-Where are you going?|-Go home, George!
{6818}{6865}Mom, where are you going?!
{6866}{6937}No matterhow often|mymotherleft...
{6938}{7033}no matterhow many times|she embarrassed him...
{7058}{7129}he always took herback.
{7130}{7177}He loved her.
{7178}{7223}God, he loved her.
{7296}{7344}Come here.
{7344}{7368}Are you okay?
{7368}{7415}-Yeah.|-Are you all right?
{7512}{7584}Hi, George. I'm home.
{7584}{7632}Come on, give me a hug.
{7776}{7824}Come on, Georgie.
{7824}{7872}Come to Mommy.
{7944}{8016}Come give your mother a hug.
{8184}{8232}For ten years...
{8232}{8328}my father worked his ass off 14|hours a day, 7days a week.
{8328}{8424}He didn't care.|As long as we were happy.
{8424}{8496}Okay, well, what do I have to do?
{8496}{8544}But in the end,|he didn't make enough.
{8544}{8662}Slowlybutsurely, we lost|everything. We were bankrupt.
{8687}{8734}Let's get ice cream.
{8735}{8830}I don't care about ice cream right|now. What're we going to do?
{8831}{8926}It'll be all right, George.|It'll work out. It always does.
{8927}{8974}I'll find anotherjob.
{8975}{9094}Look, this is how it goes. Sometimes|you're flush, sometimes you're bust.
{9095}{9166}When you're up,|it's never as good it seems.
{9167}{9262}When you're down, you never think|you'll be up again. But life goes on.
{9263}{9358}Remember that.|Money isn't real, George.
{9359}{9430}It doesn't matter.|It only seems like it does.
{9455}{9502}Yeah, tell that to Mom.
{9527}{9598}Yeah. That's going to be|a tricky one.
{9623}{9670}-Hey, Dad.|-What?
{9671}{9742}Will I be poor? I don't ever|want to be poor.
{9743}{9790}Then you won't.
{9839}{9910}I decided right then and there|I wasn't going to live like that.
{9911}{10006}I needed to get as faraway|as possible.
{10125}{10220}I moved to California in the|summer of 1968 with the Tuna.
{10221}{10292}We had 300 dollars and|a black TR-3.
{10317}{10412}Sure was nothing like this back|home. It was paradise.
{10437}{10508}We got a small apartment|on the beach.
{10509}{10580}It wasn't much,|but it had its perks.
{10821}{10868}You need some help?
{11061}{11108}California was like nothing|I'd everseen before.
{11109}{11156}Hey, where's the beer?
{11157}{11252}People were independent,|full ofnew ideas.
{11277}{11372}They used words like|"right on", "groovy", "solid".
{11373}{11444}The women were beautiful.
{11445}{11515}And theyallseemed to share|the same occupation.
{11516}{11563}I'm a stewardess.
{11564}{11611}I'm a stewardess.
{11660}{11707}On the airplane.
{11732}{11803}And everyone was getting stoned.
{12860}{12907}Oh, my God.
{13050}{13121}-I figured it out.|-Figured out what?
{13122}{13265}About what we were going to do for|money, as we don't want to get jobs.
{13266}{13313}Chek this out.
{13482}{13529}-Tuna, this is crap.|-We're selling it.
{13530}{13601}We'll make up lids to sell|on the beach.
{13602}{13697}Ifwe move all that we got,|like a hundred bucks.
{13698}{13745}And ifwe don't, well,|we can smoke it.
{13746}{13793}You got ripped off, pal.
{13794}{13865}It's not a bad idea, man.|I got the baggies.
{13866}{13961}Ifyou want to score some dope,|I got the guy.
{13962}{14081}The guy was Derek Foreal,|a Manhattan Beach legend.
{14082}{14153}He owned 3 restaurants,|2 nightclubs, Laundromats.
{14154}{14283}But more importantly, he owned the 1|male hairsalon in southern California.
{14514}{14585}So this is the new man, huh?|He's cute.
{14706}{14753}Hello, Tuna.
{14754}{14801}"Enchant", George.
{14898}{14993}Barbie, he is yummy.|he looks just like a Ken doll.
{15018}{15113}Ken and Barbie. Oh, my god,|it is so perfect.
{15138}{15233}Girls, give me about 5 minutes.|I want to talk alone to the boys.
{15258}{15305}Have fun.
{15450}{15497}All right, everybody, shoo.|Come on.
{15498}{15569}Chop, chop.|Give us a few minutes.
{15594}{15665}Go blond, Ron.|Very nice, Heather.
{15762}{15832}What can I do for you guys?
{15904}{15951}We'd like to buy some pot.
{15952}{16000}I know what you want.
{16024}{16096}-But first, are you cops?|-No.
{16120}{16192}Ifyou are, you've to tell me.|If not, it's entrapment.
{16192}{16264}We're not. We're from|Massachusetts.
{16288}{16335}Does he look like a cop?
{16360}{16408}Actually, no.
{16456}{16528}It's a good thing you're|friends of Barbie's.
{16528}{16576}Because ifyou weren't...
{16624}{16696}I would never talk to you.
{16864}{16912}What the fuck is that?
{16936}{16984}It's your pot.
{17008}{17056}That's more than we had in mind.
{17056}{17128}I don't nickel-and-dime.|You want it or not?
{17128}{17176}We'll take it.
{17511}{17606}Tuna and I became the kings of|Manhattan Beach.
{17607}{17678}Ifyou bought grass,|you bought it from us.
{17679}{17798}I was making waymore money|than I could at a realjob.
{17799}{17846}I built a reputation formyself.
{17847}{17942}People even started calling me|Boston George.
{17967}{18014}It was perfect.
{18111}{18158}This is it for me.
{18183}{18254}-What is it?|-Everything.
{18279}{18350}You, California, the beach.
{18351}{18398}This spot right here.
{18447}{18518}Finally feel like|I belong somewhere.
{18519}{18566}I fell right.
{18591}{18638}You're happy.
{18663}{18708}Yeah, I am.
{18709}{18756}Are you?
{19093}{19164}Look what the cat dragged in.
{19165}{19212}Holy shit, Dulli.
{19333}{19404}What the fuck are you|doing out here?
{19405}{19476}I was walking down the beach.|I was minding my business, right?
{19477}{19548}Who do I see? This fucking guy.
{19549}{19620}-I didn't know you were living here.|-What are you doing out here.
{19621}{19668}On vacation, man.
{19669}{19740}I'm on my way back to school.
{19741}{19788}This calls for ajoint.|You do the honors?
{19789}{19884}-No, man. I'm too fucked up.|-That's nice weed, huh?
{19885}{19932}Fuck, yeah.
{19933}{20004}I've never seen anything like this.|I'm fucking wasted.
{20005}{20052}Right on.
{20220}{20267}I'm fucking stoned.
{20268}{20315}I'm fucking stoned.
{20364}{20411}I'm really stoned.
{20412}{20483}I'm fucking stoned, man.|I'm really...
{20604}{20699}Man, I wish there was stuff|like this back at home.
{20724}{20843}Fuck, yeah. Ya know how much money|ya can make with this stuff back East?
{20844}{20915}-No shit, Kev?|-That's right.
{20940}{20987}When there's stuffto move,|it's too easy not to.
{20988}{21083}Know how many colleges are|within a sixty-mile radius?
{21084}{21155}-U. Mass, Amherst, B.U.|-Smith, Hampshire.
{21156}{21203}Right? And Holyoke.
{21204}{21275}100 thousand rich kids with|their parents' money.
{21276}{21347}There's never anything.|Nothing good, anyways.
{21348}{21419}I'm spending 400 bucks on shit.
{21516}{21609}The way I figure it, Barbara flies|back East twice a week.
{21610}{21705}Two bags per flight. 25 pounds|in each bag.
{21706}{21753}That's a 100 pounds a week.
{21754}{21849}It's a lot ofweight, but you can't|get pot like this back home.
{21898}{21993}-I'm telling you, Derek, it'll sell.|-I don't know.
{22018}{22065}The best pot...
{22066}{22113}you can charge 500 a pound.
{22114}{22185}Come on. No one's going|to pay that.
{22186}{22281}It's already been negotiated.|The money's there waiting.
{22282}{22353}-Goodness.|-"Goodness" is right.
{22474}{22593}I want you to be my partner on|this thing. Fifty-fifty.
{22594}{22689}Ifyou do the math, that's over|30 grand a week profit.
{22690}{22761}Fifteen thousand dollars|a week for you.
{22762}{22833}In your pocket, free and clear.
{22834}{22929}-And just deal with you.|-Barbara and me. No one else.
{22930}{22977}It's going to work, Derek.
{23048}{23168}I don't know. East Coast,|airplanes. I'm paranoid.
{23168}{23240}-It seems really risky.|-Derek, she's a stewardess.
{23240}{23312}They don't check her bags.
{24392}{24462}How've you been?|More. I need more.
{24727}{24774}I need more. I need more.
{24775}{24894}What should I do? I can only carry|2 bags. I can't fly back here everyday.
{24895}{24966}I know, but I got a feeding frenzy|on my hands. You tell George.
{24967}{25086}We're missin' out on some serious cash.|Tell George. He'll think of somethin'.
{25087}{25134}-I will.|-Good.
{25711}{25734}20, 40...
{25735}{25782}60, 80, 9.
{25783}{25878}20, 40, 60, 80, a thousand.|A 128 thousand dollars.
{25901}{25972}I'm getting a bonerjust|looking at her.
{25973}{26020}You believe it, George?
{26069}{26140}What's the matter?|Something wrong?
{26141}{26236}Yeah. Cheer up. Half ofthis|is ours. We're fucking rich.
{26237}{26332}-It's not enough.|-What the fuck are you talkin' about?
{26333}{26452}The setup is wrong. We do the|legwork and we're still paying retail.
{26453}{26500}-We're getting fucking middled.|-So?
{26501}{26548}So we need to get to the source.
{26549}{26620}-Source? What about Derek?|-He's getting middled too.
{26621}{26740}And Derek's our partner. What's|good for him is good for us.
{26741}{26836}So we need a source.|Where do we start?
{26909}{26980}Either one ofyou guys speak|Spanish?
{27173}{27268}Tuna! Get the fucker in here!|Go on and play.
{27293}{27339}Viva la Mexico!
{27508}{27555}"Salud". Cheers.
{27556}{27603}"Como", marijuana?
{27676}{27723}Smoking? Smoke them?
{27724}{27771}Do you have some pot?
{27772}{27843}"Donde esta" pot?
{27844}{27915}Do you know where|we can get pot?
{27940}{27963}"El" weed.
{27964}{28059}Do you know where we can|find some marijuana?
{28084}{28155}Take a little offthe top.|You know?
{28203}{28251}Pot, man. Marijuana?
{28300}{28347}So you got anything?
{28348}{28395}-I haven't asked yet.|-What?
{28396}{28467}I didn't ask yet. Go ahead.
{28660}{28707}I'll be back.
{29860}{29907}Ramon says you're looking|for some mota.
{29908}{29955}Yeah, I am.
{30100}{30171}For instance, something|like this, eh?
{30196}{30265}Oh, yeah. Yeah, that'll do it.
{30266}{30313}I'll take it.
{30434}{30528}You're funny. Really. How much|will you be needing?
{30554}{30601}All of it.
{30626}{30697}I'll come back in a week|with a plane.
{30770}{30912}Maybe we're going too fast. You|take a little, and then come back.
{30914}{31008}Yeah, but I don't need a little.|I need a lot.
{31178}{31225}Hang on a minute. Listen.
{31250}{31297}Tell you what, "amigo".
{31298}{31392}What about I come back and|I bring you, say...
{31394}{31441}fifty thousand dollars.
{31442}{31513}That alleviate some of|your concerns?
{31514}{31632}"Amigo", you bring me 50 thousand|and I have no more concerns.
{31728}{31800}I can't believe we're stealing|a plane.
{31800}{31895}-Don't be such a pussy.|-We're not stealin'. We're borrowin' it.
{31896}{31943}Be cool. Got company here.
{32136}{32208}Come on, let's go.|Tuna. Let's go.
{32256}{32328}Good luck. I'll see you|in the desert.
{32328}{32376}You're sure you know what|you're doing?
{32376}{32448}Relax. I've flown with my old man|a million times.
{32448}{32568}It's not the taking off part you|worry about, it's the landing.
{33455}{33550}Good to see you.|You're a man ofyour word.
{33551}{33622}You know the 50 thousand|I promised you?
{33623}{33670}I couldn't get it.
{33719}{33790}So I brought you 75 instead.
{34439}{34486}Merry Christmas, Derek.
{34605}{34652}It's beautiful.
{34749}{34844}You're a genius, George.|Merry Christmas.
{34869}{34988}This would make a fabulous|Christmas card. Get my camera, Sven.
{35085}{35132}Did you see the bedroom?
{35133}{35204}I love it. It's so pretty.
{35205}{35276}-Did you see it?|-Yeah, I saw it.
{35277}{35324}-Oh, my God.|-What do you think?
{35325}{35396}-Are you kidding?|-You want it?
{35397}{35444}We'll take it.
{35781}{35828}It was a great time in ourlives.
{35829}{35876}The seven ofus were like|a family.
{35877}{36019}We worked hard, we played hard,|didn't have a care in the world.
{36020}{36067}It was perfect.
{36548}{36619}I can't get over the size ofthat ring.|I just love it.
{36620}{36691}Fred, tell me you don't love|that ring.
{36692}{36739}I'm happy George found|somebody he cares for.
{36740}{36858}Yes, of course. But I'm talking|about the ring. It's something else.
{36860}{36907}George has exquisite taste.
{36908}{36979}What is it? It's got to be|at least two carats.
{36980}{37051}It's definitely two carats.|Treasure it.
{37052}{37123}You might want to get that|insured.
{37124}{37242}Hard to imagine being able to afford a|ring like that on a construction salary.
{37244}{37315}Shut up, Fred.|Shut your big fat mouth.
{37316}{37387}You don't buy it at once.|It's layaway.
{37388}{37433}-Layaway, shmayaway.|-Yes, layaway.
{37434}{37529}Something you wouldn't know|anything about.
{37530}{37577}You, you big old tightwad.
{37578}{37625}He still has his Communion money.
{37626}{37697}-Don't listen to her.|-George, tell your father--
{37722}{37793}You tell your father|about layaway.
{37842}{37913}The boy's happy.|don't be a killjoy.
{37914}{38009}-I'm not a killjoy.|-Oh, Jesus. Babe.
{38034}{38105}-Put your head back.|-My, Barbara.
{38106}{38153}-I'm so sorry.|-Take my napkin.
{38154}{38201}-Is she all right?|-I'll be okay.
{38202}{38297}-I'll get you ice. We need ice here.|-She's all right. You want to go?
{38298}{38345}Yeah, let's go.
{38346}{38428}-You haven't had your entre.|-No, it's okay. It's better.
{38428}{38465}I'll leave the tip.
{38466}{38537}Hope you feel better.|Lovely to meet you.
{38538}{38609}Give your mother a call|in the morning.
{38658}{38753}What a lovely girl.|Is that all hundreds?
{38872}{38944}-You sure you're all right?|-I'm fine.
{38944}{39040}Would you be bummed if|I didn't go to Chicago with you?
{39040}{39112}No, not ifyou don't want.
{39136}{39208}Listen, I got to apologize|about my parents.
{39208}{39304}They weren't that bad.|They were kind of cute.
{39304}{39352}I'm not sure about that.
{39376}{39448}I want you to promise|me something.
{39448}{39496}Promise me we'll never be|like that.
{39496}{39592}I don't want to wind up|like them.
{39640}{39712}We're going to wind up|like us.
{39808}{39856}-I love you.|-Get in the car.
{39880}{39952}Hurry before they come out.
{40072}{40144}George Jung, you stand|accused ofpossession...
{40144}{40263}of660pounds ofmarijuana|with intent to distribute.
{40264}{40310}How do you plead?
{40335}{40429}Your Honor, I'd like to say|a few words.
{40431}{40525}You'll have to stand up to|address this court.
{40527}{40574}All right. Fine. Well...
{40599}{40646}in all honesty...
{40647}{40694}I don't feel that what|I've done is a crime.
{40695}{40813}It's illogical and irresponsible|for you to sentence me to prison.
{40815}{40862}Because what did I really do?
{40863}{40957}I crossed an imaginary line|with a bunch of plants.
{40959}{41030}"You say I'm an outlaw,|you say I'm a thief
{41031}{41102}But where's the Christmas dinner|for the people on relief?"
{41103}{41174}"You say you're looking for someone|who's never weak but always strong
{41175}{41246}To gather flowers constantly|whether you were right or wrong
{41247}{41318}But it ain't me, babe
{41319}{41413}No, it ain't me, babe, it ain't me|you're looking for, babe."
{41415}{41462}You follow?
{41511}{41605}Gosh, you know. your concepts are|really interesting, Mr. Jung.
{41607}{41654}Thank you.
{41655}{41724}Unfortunately, the line you|crossed was real...
{41725}{41796}and the plants you brought|were illegal...
{41797}{41844}so your bail is $ 20,000.
{41869}{41916}Next case, Your Honor.
{42325}{42348}Hey, babe.
{42349}{42396}What are you doing here?
{42469}{42540}You didn't have to come out here.
{42541}{42612}And miss all the fun?|Not a chance.
{42637}{42708}So, what's the verdict?
{42757}{42804}The lawyer says he can...
{42805}{42876}plead it down to 5 years.
{42877}{42924}I'll serve two.
{42973}{43020}Two years.
{43021}{43068}Two years.
{43069}{43140}George, I can't wait that long.
{43165}{43260}Are you kidding me? You won't|wait for me? The fuck is that?
{43333}{43404}I don't have two years.
{45396}{45467}Losing Barbara to cancer|change everything.
{45492}{45539}The old gang broke up.
{45540}{45634}Tuna stayed in Mexico. God only|knows what happened to him.
{45636}{45707}Point is, we all lost touch.
{45708}{45779}I'dskipped bail in Chicago to|take care ofBarbara...
{45780}{45851}and was now a fugitive|on the run.
{45900}{45971}It'd been almost a yearsince|I'dseen myparents.
{45972}{46065}And believe it ornot|I actuallymissed them.
{46234}{46257}Hi, Ma.
{46378}{46425}Surprised to see me?
{46474}{46521}Take offyour boots.
{46810}{46881}-You're tan.|-Mexico.
{46930}{46977}Yeah, I hear about it.
{47098}{47145}I want you to know I'm...
{47170}{47241}I'm deeply sorry about|your girlfriend.
{47290}{47361}Yeah, Barbara. Nice girl.
{47386}{47409}Thank you.
{47672}{47744}Have you been getting|the money I sent you?
{47744}{47816}What, you mean the drug money?
{47816}{47864}Yeah, I got it.
{48032}{48056}Oh, God.
{48176}{48271}What are you doing?|What are you doing?
{48272}{48320}It's okay, Mom.
{48344}{48392}It's okay, Mom.
{48416}{48488}I thought I heard something.|How are you?
{48488}{48536}-How are you?|-Good.
{48536}{48631}Son, come on in. How are you?|Come on. You look good.
{48800}{48872}May the wind always be|atyourback...
{48872}{48918}and the sun upon your face.
{48919}{49014}And may the winds of destiny carry|you aloft to dance with the stars.
{49015}{49086}-Cheers, Georgie.|-Cheers, Pop.
{49423}{49470}Are you all right?
{49543}{49637}-Just low. You know?|-You really loved her.
{49735}{49758}Yeah, Dad.
{49759}{49806}I really did.
{49999}{50046}Are you mad at me?
{50119}{50166}-Yeah, you are.|-No.
{50167}{50261}-I can tell by the way you look.|-I'm not mad, George.
{50287}{50356}I just don't understand what|you're doing.
{50357}{50452}I don't understand your choices. The|goddamn cops are looking for you.
{50477}{50500}I know.
{50717}{50788}I'm great at what I do, Dad.
{50813}{50884}I mean, I'm really great|at what I do.
{50933}{51004}Let me tell you something,|George.
{51029}{51123}You'd have been great at|anything. Anything.
{51341}{51388}Fuck! Damn.
{51461}{51532}Fuck them, fuck them, fuck!
{51964}{52011}I had no choice.
{52060}{52154}-Don't look at me like that.|-Let's go.
{52156}{52227}-What was I supposed to do?|-Jesus Christ.
{52228}{52275}-He's in our house!|-Shut up.
{52276}{52347}Was I supposed to be|an accomplice?
{52348}{52442}You don't think people know|you're a drug dealer?
{52444}{52515}Everyone knows you're a drug|dealer! It's no secret.
{52516}{52587}How do you think that|reflects on me?
{52611}{52683}Every time I go out,|I'm humiliated.
{52683}{52755}So you go to jail.|It's for your own good!
{52756}{52827}You need to straighten|your life out!
{52996}{53090}What are you looking at,|Mrs. Gracie? Your son's no prize.
{53330}{53377}All right, stop.
{53378}{53425}Open up cell number 3!
{53522}{53569}Prisoner's in.
{53594}{53641}Close cell number 3.
{53810}{53904}Hello. My name's Diego Delgado.|How do you do?
{54050}{54097}-Hey, George.|-What?
{54098}{54216}Ifyou don't mind me asking|why are you in this place?
{54242}{54313}I don't want to talk about it.
{54338}{54385}Oh, come on, George.
{54410}{54504}Ifwe are to be friends,|we must trust each other.
{54506}{54577}-I don't like a lot of conversation.|-Me, too.
{54578}{54649}Too much Blah-blah-blah.|You know.
{54672}{54767}But we are roommates.|And we must talk to each other.
{54816}{54887}I'm arrested for stealing cars.
{54912}{54960}For the grand-theft auto.
{55512}{55583}What do you got down there, Diego?
{55584}{55655}Nothing. Just a little project.
{55704}{55776}What kind of little project.
{55824}{55896}Never mind. Not for you to worry.
{55968}{55992}Come on.
{55992}{56110}Thought you said we're supposed|to tell each other everything.
{56111}{56182}You have your intrigues,|I have mine.
{56279}{56326}Today is a happy day for me,|George.
{56327}{56421}In 9 months from today, I'll be in|Medellin, sipping champagne.
{56423}{56494}In 9 months, I'm free.
{56567}{56614}I'm happy for you.
{56687}{56781}-How much time do you have?|-Oh, let's see.
{56855}{56902}26 months.
{56999}{57070}26 months?|For murder?
{57167}{57214}I must meet your lawyer.
{57263}{57334}I got to get out of here, Diego.
{57407}{57478}Only 2 ways I know to leave|here early.
{57503}{57574}One...|is to escape.
{57671}{57718}Okay, what's the other?
{57815}{57886}-I guess me ought to open our books.|-Man, fuck you.
{57887}{57934}We ain't opening shit.
{57959}{58030}You just the warden's little bitch.
{58031}{58078}Doing that shit to get some|time cut off.
{58079}{58126}Why not?
{58127}{58221}I want to get out ofthis shithole|as quickly as possible.
{58223}{58294}But for me to walk early, some of|you got to graduate.
{58295}{58366}You should forget it.|You're hopeless.
{58391}{58414}Fuck you.
{58415}{58462}See you in the shower.
{58463}{58581}The rest ofya might get diplomas and|jobs when ya get back on the outside.
{58583}{58630}Shit, I'm in this bitch for life.
{58631}{58749}Motherfucker, I'm a criminal.|Ain't nobody giving me no job.
{58799}{58846}Let's learn some criminal|shit too.
{58847}{58918}Tell you what.|I'll make you a deal.
{58943}{59012}Halfthe time I teach you about|George Washington...
{59013}{59108}the other half, I'll teach|you how to smuggle drugs.
{59109}{59204}You don't know dick about|smuggling no drugs.
{59205}{59228}Oh, no?
{59229}{59323}I was arrested in Chicago with|660 pounds of grass.
{59325}{59372}I think that qualifies me.
{59373}{59444}How'd you get 660 pounds|ofweed?
{59445}{59540}Flew in from Mexico on|a single-engine Cessna.
{59541}{59588}So we got a deal or what?
{59781}{59876}I listened to what you say to the|class today about the smuggling.
{59877}{59948}Never believed you were|a murderer.
{59949}{60020}I knew you were a "magico".
{60021}{60092}I'm tired, Diego. Go to bed.
{60093}{60164}Do you know, in my country,|I'm a "magico"?
{60165}{60260}A man with a dream.|A man on the rise.
{60285}{60356}To take nothing|and make it something.
{60381}{60427}Do you have a dream, George?
{60428}{60499}I would if I could get some|fucking sleep.
{60500}{60547}You have a dream.
{60572}{60643}And maybe you will accomplish it.
{60668}{60739}But yet you failed.|Why?
{60740}{60811}-Because I got caught.|-No.
{60835}{60883}You failed...
{60883}{60955}because you had the wrong dream.
{61172}{61243}What do you know about cocaine?
{61292}{61386}First of all, what type of planes|do you have?
{61388}{61459}They're 4-passenger,|single-engine Cessnas.
{61460}{61531}4 passengers. So that means how...
{61579}{61651}How many kilos can we fit|in these planes?
{61651}{61699}I don't know. Probably...
{61700}{61794}Danbury wasn't a prison.|It was a crime school.
{61820}{61889}I went in with a bachelor of|marijuana...
{61890}{61961}came out with a doctorate of|cocaine.
{61986}{62033}And aftersixteen months...
{62034}{62105}I was, once again, a free man.
{62106}{62153}Well, not altogether free.
{62154}{62296}The conditions ofmyparole. To live|at myparents' house and find ajob.
{62298}{62345}Diego Delgado, please.
{62370}{62464}Boston George. Todayis the day.|Are you out?
{62466}{62537}-Yeah, I'm out.|-Congratulations. I've been waiting.
{62538}{62585}-How we doing?|-Fine.
{62586}{62657}Everything's perfect here.|It's allset up.
{62658}{62705}Do we need a plane?|How does this work?
{62706}{62824}Slow down. You need to come down|here. Everybodymeets everybody.
{62826}{62920}We do one forgood faith, then|we talk about airplanes, okay?
{62922}{62969}I can't go anyway, Diego.
{62970}{63064}-It's nice and cold.|-All right, Pop. One minute.
{63066}{63113}I'm on parole.|I can't leave the state.
{63114}{63185}George, you'll be back before|theyknowyou're gone.
{63186}{63257}I just got released 5 minutes ago.
{63258}{63328}Are we going to do this ornot?
{63520}{63568}My friend. How are you?
{63568}{63616}-Fine.|-Good to see you.
{63664}{63736}Okay, 15 kilos it is then, okay?
{63760}{63855}We receive 100 thousand dollars|upon delivery.
{63856}{63951}Not so fast. I would like to go|over the details.
{64024}{64072}What details?
{64072}{64167}I put the coke in the false bottoms,|and take it through customs.
{64168}{64192}That's it.
{64240}{64288}Tell me about the suitcases.
{64288}{64346}Will there be clothes|in the suitcase?
{64432}{64480}In the suitcase.
{64552}{64599}Well, yeah.
{64648}{64766}-Let's try it. Why not?|-Whose clothes? Your clothes?
{64911}{64958}What the fuck is going on here?
{64959}{65030}You pulled me down here|to talk about clothes?
{65031}{65078}I demand to know everything.
{65079}{65173}I don't trust 600,000 dollars of|coca to someone I don't know.
{65175}{65246}15 fucking kilos. I piss 15 kilos.
{65271}{65318}Gentlemen, please.
{65319}{65390}There's no need to be impolite,|okay?
{65583}{65701}George, Cesar is just being thorough.|And that's all, okay?
{65823}{65870}Okay, very well.
{65871}{65965}But remember, Mr. Jung, I will be|with you the whole way...
{65967}{66014}and I will be watching.
{66661}{66732}When you're carrying drugs|across the border...
{66733}{66780}the idea is to remain calm.
{66781}{66876}The wayl do it is to think|ofsomething pleasant.
{66877}{66972}A fun party, a moment oftriumph,|sexual encounter.
{66997}{67044}I actuallyproject myself|to thatplace.
{67045}{67140}A little transcendental meditation,|ifyou will.
{67141}{67212}The trick is to imagine every|little detail.
{67213}{67308}Anythin' to keep yourmind offthe|factyou're goin' tojail fora long time...
{67309}{67404}ifthey find the 15 kilos ofblow|in yoursuitcases.
{67405}{67452}Passport, please.
{67453}{67548}-Nice flight?|-It was pretty good. Thanks.
{67573}{67619}-On vacations?|-Yes.
{67668}{67739}On vacation for only one day.
{67764}{67906}My brother's wedding. It was a nice|ceremony and everything. It was good.
{67908}{67955}Open your bag, please.
{68196}{68267}-Whose clothes are these?|-Mine.
{68292}{68339}And these?
{68364}{68435}Old habits, you know.|Hard to break.
{68532}{68579}Close it up.
{69058}{69129}The trialperiod was over.
{69130}{69201}It was time to start moving|some serious weight.
{69202}{69273}Commercial flights couldn't|cut it any.
{69274}{69321}What we needed was a pilot.
{69322}{69440}I'll fly down on a Friday, refuel in|the Bahamas and then on to Medellin.
{69658}{69705}Please continue.
{69730}{69824}We make the pickup, refuel once|more in the Bahamas...
{69826}{69897}and then fly back on Sunday with|the mom-and-pop traffic.
{69898}{69945}Why are you speaking?
{69994}{70088}You. Your responsibility is over.|You're not a pilot, not a distributor.
{70090}{70161}You simply introduced us to|Mr. Stevens. That is all.
{70162}{70256}You make a generous percentage.|You're lucky to get that.
{70258}{70281}I see.
{70354}{70377}How much?
{70378}{70496}"Padrino" will pay ten thousand per|kilo for everyone. You, you and you.
{70496}{70568}3 million. That is all.|There is no negotiation.
{70568}{70616}I want two.
{70640}{70712}Come on, a million each had such|a nice ring to it.
{70712}{70736}No way.
{70736}{70808}I'm doing all the work, I'm taking|all the risk and it's my plane.
{70808}{70927}You guys don't do shit.|You just collect your money.
{70928}{70976}Are you good with this?
{71576}{71648}Do you have pictures ofyour kids?
{71648}{71696}-What?|-I need to see them.
{71696}{71744}I'll need their names and|their schools.
{71744}{71863}With millions of dollars of coca|on the line, no children, no deal.
{72248}{72320}Don't forget the pictures.
{72440}{72535}George, come here!|I need to talk to you! George!
{72584}{72632}Yeah, yeah. What?
{72632}{72680}-Come here. What's the matter?|-Nothing.
{72680}{72799}I mean, aside from the fact that|we're moving 300 fucking kilos...
{72800}{72848}and we're making dog shit, nothing.
{72848}{72920}A million dollars for our first|run is not bad.
{72920}{72968}It's fucking chump change.
{72968}{73040}May as well hauling suitcases|across the border.
{73040}{73135}You know, George, this is a very|small part of business. Very small.
{73136}{73208}Which reminds me,|I need a favor from you.
{73256}{73351}The favor was to pick up|50 kilos ofcocaine.
{73352}{73446}Fifty. That's a hundred|and ten pounds.
{73447}{73541}Not exactlya small favor. Not like|bumming a cigarette, forexample.
{73543}{73590}But what the hell?
{73591}{73709}I had nothin' better to do. It's|not like I was on parole oranythin'.
{73711}{73805}How you doing? I'm George,|friend of Diego's.
{73879}{73926}Where's Diego?
{73927}{73998}I don't know. He sent me.|I'm George.
{74071}{74142}Well, that explains everything.
{74143}{74214}Open your mouth, George.
{74215}{74262}Get fucked.
{74263}{74310}Open your fucking mouth.
{74431}{74525}Now, you listen to me.|You hearing me, huh?
{74551}{74622}I've been holding fifty keys|for Diego for three weeks.
{74623}{74670}Tell him I don't appreciate it.
{74671}{74765}You tell him I want my money|by Friday. Can you do that?
{74767}{74812}I think so.
{74813}{74860}I think so.
{75221}{75292}Hello. Maylspeak to George,|please?
{75293}{75364}George, you have a phone call.
{75413}{75460}Thank you.
{75461}{75508}Hello? This George?
{75533}{75580}-Hey, how are you?|-How are you?
{75581}{75628}-I'm fine.|-Where are you?
{75653}{75724}Bad news, George.|I'm in Colombia.
{75749}{75868}I sure would like to see you. And|so would some ofyour old friends.
{75893}{75988}George, it's a little bit hard|to get away right now.
{75989}{76084}I'm afraid you're on your own.|I'm in jail.
{76324}{76418}What I'm doing here is|measuring the purity.
{76420}{76467}Pure coke, it melts away|at about...
{76468}{76539}a hundred and eighty-five,|hundred and ninety degrees.
{76540}{76658}Cutting agents, they melt away|at about a hundred.
{76660}{76731}And quality product, well, that's...
{76732}{76803}melting at around a hundred|and forty.
{76804}{76875}Hundred and thirty. Good.
{76876}{76947}A hundred and forty. Yes.
{77044}{77091}A hundred and fifty.
{77140}{77211}Fuck me running!|A hundred and sixty?
{77212}{77259}Jesus Christ, a hundred and|seventy!
{77260}{77331}Hundred and eighty.|A hundred and....
{77356}{77427}A hundred and eighty-seven.
{77428}{77475}Where did you get this stuff?
{77620}{77667}Well, do you mind if I do a line?
{77668}{77713}Yeah, go ahead.
{77714}{77761}Fuck it. Let's all do one.
{78146}{78193}What did I tell you?
{78218}{78312}It's great, but what am I|supposed to do with all this?
{78314}{78408}-Sell it.|-I don't see you in two years...
{78410}{78504}and you show up with a hundred|and ten pounds of blow?
{78506}{78553}Just fucking sell it, Derek.
{78554}{78648}All right, but it's going to take|me a year.
{78674}{78721}I can't feel my face.
{78746}{78840}I mean, I can touch it,|but I can't feel it inside.
{78986}{79033}Thirty-six hours.|Thirty-six hours.
{79034}{79128}I don't believe we got rid of it|in 36 hours.
{79128}{79200}You underestimated the market,|Derek.
{79200}{79295}Right on. It'll take longer to|count it than it did to sell it.
{79656}{79704}Greetings, Mr. George.
{79728}{79800}Here you go.|One-point-three-five million.
{79800}{79848}Any place you'd like to count?
{79848}{79896}On the plane.
{79896}{79944}What fucking plane?
{80951}{80998}What the fuck is going on?
{80999}{81046}-Good to see you.|-I thought you were in jail.
{81047}{81094}Pablo used his influence.
{81095}{81142}Watch what you say, okay?
{81143}{81190}Everybody hears everything.
{81239}{81310}Well, let's just say|this isn't America.
{81311}{81382}Life is cheap here. No offense,|but you know what I'm saying.
{81383}{81454}All right, I'll keep my mouth shut.
{81479}{81573}Who's this person in California,|the connection?
{81575}{81622}-It's a friend.|-Who?
{81623}{81694}A fucking friend.|I'm not telling you.
{81695}{81742}-Who?|-A friend! I ain't telling you no more.
{81743}{81814}Okay, we'll talk about it later.
{81839}{81886}Look, that's Pablo.
{82293}{82340}-Oh, shit.|-Oh, shit.
{82485}{82580}"EI Padrino" was Seor|Pablo Escobar.
{82581}{82676}And for those ofyou living on the|moon for the last twentyyears...
{82677}{82700}he was it.
{82701}{82772}The boss ofit all. "EI mgico".
{82821}{82868}He will see you now.
{82869}{82916}-Okay, let's go.|-Not you.
{83349}{83396}-What?|-Never mind. You go.
{83397}{83443}-Yeah, you go.|-No, wait.
{83444}{83491}-You go, George.|-Momento.
{83516}{83587}I'm not going over there.|You got to do all the talking.
{83588}{83693}He says Seor Escobar only wants|to see you. Not me. You go.
{83694}{83754}-This way, please.|-Yeah, right.
{83756}{83827}Take it easy. It'll be fine.
{83876}{83923}All right, fuck it.
{84140}{84234}you're the man?|Who takes fifty kilos...
{84236}{84307}and make them disappear in|one day.
{84308}{84379}Actually, it was three days.
{84380}{84451}"EI magico". Greetings, Mr.George.
{84452}{84499}Welcome to Colombia.
{84572}{84619}Oh, this man.
{84620}{84667}He was full of courage.
{84764}{84881}He would have run, fled the|country, gone to the "polica".
{84882}{84976}But then his wife, his children,|his parents, his friends....
{84978}{85025}Many people would die.
{85218}{85312}thank you for inviting me|to your beautiful country.
{85314}{85361}Beautiful, yes.|But, poor.
{85386}{85492}Coffee, bananas, these are|our main export along with mota.
{85492}{85600}We've been overrun by the fucking|"comunistas", but that is another story.
{85650}{85721}Our business here today|is cocaine, yes?
{85746}{85793}"Si". Yes, it is.
{85818}{85912}I need to find an "Americano"|who I can trust.
{85922}{85993}One with honor...
{86028}{86112}You need an "Americano" with|balls, Seor Escobar.
{86114}{86185}Yes. And balls, Mr. George.
{86210}{86304}Well, look.|I can do several things for you.
{86306}{86448}I can transport the cocaine from here|to the U.S., starting with California.
{86450}{86497}I got pilots and planes|standing by.
{86498}{86545}Good, good.
{86546}{86640}But I need more details.|What is the cost?
{86666}{86737}I'd have to talk to Diego...
{86738}{86832}but let's just say roughly ten|thousand per kilo.
{86858}{86929}How much can you transport?
{86930}{87024}Again, that I would have to|discuss with my partner...
{87026}{87097}but three hundred kilos....
{87098}{87169}So that's three million dollars.
{87194}{87288}This I understand. But please,|"tu" remove.
{87362}{87409}This complications with Diego.
{87410}{87481}The stolen cars, the "crcel".
{87482}{87529}This causes me much|inconvenience.
{87530}{87601}The fifty kilos could have been|a big problem.
{87602}{87649}I don't like problems.
{87840}{87912}With all due respect, "el Padroni"...
{87912}{87960}Diego is my partner.
{87984}{88032}So I won't negotiate without him.
{88032}{88104}I won't do business without him.
{88104}{88152}-You sure?|-I'm sure.
{88440}{88488}Let's us speak no more of|this business.
{88488}{88536}We have many other things|to talk about.
{89279}{89312}I've made a decision.
{89313}{89397}We going into business together.|Right away.
{89447}{89541}Cocaine exploded upon the American|culture like an atomic bomb.
{89543}{89614}Itstarted in Hollywood and|moved East.
{89615}{89709}Everyone was doing it.|I mean, everyone.
{90071}{90118}We invented the marketplace.
{90119}{90237}In fact, ifyou snorted cocaine in|late seventies orearlyeighties...
{90311}{90358}Three million. I counted it twice.
{90359}{90430}Two-point-five. Two-point-five,|I'm sure.
{90431}{90478}I'm calling it three.
{90503}{90550}Then we're half a million off?
{90551}{90644}-Fuck it. I'm not counting it again.|-Weigh it.
{90645}{90716}Sixty pounds is three million.|Fifty is two-point-five.
{90717}{90788}I don't give a shit.|It's close enough.
{90789}{90836}Where do I put it?
{90861}{90908}Try the back bedroom.
{90981}{91028}No room.
{91053}{91100}Try the closet.
{91149}{91196}We'll need a bigger boat.
{91245}{91340}The Colombians recommended|Noriega's bank in Panama City.
{91341}{91436}It was that orlaunderit in the|States fora 60% surcharge.
{91437}{91556}What? Keep only40% ofmymoney?|No, thanks.
{91557}{91652}-Congratulations, gentlemen.|-Even Pablo kept his money there.
{91653}{91700}-I love it.|-Who'd fuck with us?
{91701}{91724}I'm sorry?
{91725}{91868}I give you thirty million dollars|and you give me this little book.
{92732}{92779}-I'm married.|-I know.
{92780}{92827}Can you believe I'm married?
{92828}{92899}-Lucky man. I'm proud ofyou.|-I love you.
{92900}{92971}I love you too, my brother.
{93570}{93617}Do I know you?
{93642}{93689}I don't think so.
{93738}{93785}Why are you smiling?
{93786}{93833}Why are you smiling?
{93834}{93881}I don't know.
{93954}{94001}I'm George.
{94002}{94049}I know who you are.
{94074}{94168}Mr. Jung. I see you've met|my fiance, Mirtha.
{94242}{94313}Augusto would like to see you|immediately.
{94314}{94385}Augusto would like to see you.
{94458}{94505}In a minute.
{94794}{94865}-Nice to meet you.|-Nice to meet you.
{95104}{95176}Please join us. Have a drink.
{95176}{95248}-How you doing?|-Remember Mr. George?
{95272}{95320}Congratulations on conquering|the West Coast.
{95320}{95368}Thank you very much.
{95368}{95440}-How much bigger can we get?|-Sky's the limit.
{95440}{95559}If it's accepted by actors and|musicians, everyone else will follow.
{95632}{95680}Very good. Diego.
{95680}{95775}We were discussing George's|West Coast operation.
{95776}{95824}Yeah, George's mystery man.
{95848}{95896}What is this mystery man?
{95896}{95944}-When do we meet him?|-You can't.
{95944}{95992}George keeps him a secret.
{95992}{96087}He meets everybody, goes to|Colombia, meets Pablo...
{96088}{96183}but still he keeps his secret,|even from his brother.
{96184}{96232}We're all in this together.
{96232}{96280}-There's plenty for everybody.|-No.
{96280}{96328}You know, I think that....
{96328}{96398}I think "EI Padroni's" happy with|the current situation.
{96399}{96446}Don't you?
{96567}{96614}Excuse me.
{96615}{96638}You go.
{97623}{97694}Breaking up a Colombian marriage|was a serious thing.
{97695}{97766}A lot ofpeople were|pissed off.
{97767}{97836}Didn't matter.|I was Escobar's guy.
{97861}{97908}I was untouchable.
{98509}{98628}Mirtha became myrunning partner.|Beautiful, passionate...
{98629}{98676}and as crazyas I was.
{98677}{98772}She couldpartylike a man|and love like a woman.
{98773}{98820}There was only one problem.
{98821}{98892}I'd always be a gringo to|the cartel.
{98893}{98988}Mirtha could change all that|with two choice words.
{98989}{99012}I do.
{99037}{99084}So do l.
{99109}{99180}We had the world by the|short-and-curlies.
{99181}{99252}We were young, rich and in love.
{99253}{99299}Nothing couldstop us.
{99323}{99371}It was perfect.
{99492}{99539}Holy Mother of God.
{99660}{99731}Put that shit away.|You're pregnant.
{99732}{99803}Don't be such a fucking hypocrite.
{99804}{99851}I quit smoking, didn't l?
{99876}{99947}Put it away. My parents are here.
{100044}{100091}It's beautiful, isn't it?
{100092}{100139}Oh, God, it's enormous!
{100140}{100234}-Like it?|-Look.
{100260}{100307}Look at this credenza.
{100380}{100427}Oh, yes. What, it's Spanish?
{100452}{100523}How much is one ofthese?|It's got to cost a fortune.
{100524}{100595}-Family heirloom, Ma.|-These don't come cheap.
{100596}{100667}Mirtha comes from a very|wealthy family.
{100667}{100739}-"Papi", do you like it?|-Very nice.
{100739}{100811}-I'll show you the rest ofthe house.|-Oh, great.
{100811}{100906}George mentioned a Jacuzzi.|I've always wanted a Jacuzzi.
{100908}{100979}-Oh, and one ofthose bidets.|-Cocktail?
{100980}{101027}Business has been pretty good.
{101028}{101099}I got an import-export thing down|in Miami.
{101100}{101194}And that's been very profitable|for me. I got my investments.
{101196}{101243}Don't bullshit me, George.
{101244}{101338}I don't want to waste time.|I don't see you much.
{101364}{101435}Ya come from my body, remember?|You're my baby boy.
{101460}{101578}Same kid who'd jump off a mountain|if someone told him he couldn't.
{101580}{101674}You haven't changed that much.|Have you?
{101868}{101915}I know what you're up to.
{101940}{102011}Not everything,|but I get the picture.
{102036}{102130}And I don't care.|I don't like it.
{102132}{102225}It's not what I would've|chosen for you.
{102250}{102297}But it's your life.
{102298}{102369}It's got nothing to do with me.
{102418}{102512}I couldn't stop you|if I wanted to, could l?
{102514}{102561}-Probably not.|-No.
{102610}{102657}It's good.
{102658}{102705}Got a family.
{102706}{102777}It's good if it makes you happy.
{102802}{102873}It's nice to have nice things,|George.
{102946}{102993}Are you happy?
{103042}{103113}Yeah, at the moment,|I am happy, Dad.
{103306}{103353}Three years?
{103354}{103425}How long have we been in|business? Three years?
{103426}{103497}Does she get to meet|your connection?
{103522}{103592}Shut up. They'll be here|any minute.
{103592}{103687}-I'm trying to concentrate.|-I'm very angry with you, George.
{103688}{103783}You don't take me to California,|but you take your bitch wife?
{103784}{103831}It was you and me|who started this.
{103832}{103904}What do you need|my connection for?
{103928}{104047}Nothing. It's for the principle.|It's for peace of mind.
{104048}{104120}I ain't telling you, it's business. Now|shut up. You're driving me crazy.
{104120}{104192}I'm driving you fucking crazy?
{104192}{104240}You're driving me crazy.
{104240}{104312}We had a dream.|What happened to our dream?
{104312}{104360}-Go inside. Go on.|-Shit.
{104528}{104623}I give you everythin'. I give you|everybody. What do ya give me, George?
{104624}{104672}What do you give me?
{104768}{104840}No problem.|We'll count the shit later.
{105055}{105126}You embarrassed me, George.|You made me look very bad.
{105199}{105246}Everything is not right!|I bring you in...
{105247}{105341}-and you slap my face.|-This is not the time.
{105367}{105414}No, no, no, no, no.
{105439}{105486}Listen. "Todo esta bien".
{105487}{105534}Take the keys and go.
{105799}{105846}Oh, fuck.
{106063}{106134}Everything's all right. No problem.
{106135}{106182}Okay? Never happened.
{106207}{106278}Nobody has to know about this.
{106279}{106397}I want you to very calmly tell these|nice gentlemen where the cocaine is.
{106399}{106446}Do it now.
{106613}{106684}Nice doing business with you.|Goodbye.
{106829}{106876}Derek Foreal!
{106949}{107044}Derek Foreal. Derek fucking Foreal,|all right?!
{107045}{107092}Answer to all your fucking dreams.
{107093}{107140}Happy now?
{107429}{107500}Derek Foreal, Diego Delgado.
{108243}{108338}I'm happy to see you two. Look at|you. You're about to burst.
{108339}{108363}I am.
{108460}{108531}Tell her not to drink too much.
{108532}{108579}-So glad to see you.|-Me too.
{108580}{108627}-We have a lot to talk about.|-Where's Diego?
{108628}{108675}He's not here.
{108676}{108747}Where is he? And who the fuck|is Norman Cay?
{108748}{108866}Everybody's talkin' about him. N. Cay|this, N. Cay that, you know him?
{108868}{108915}He's not a person.
{108916}{109010}Norman's Cay is an island.|In the Bahamas.
{109012}{109059}From what they say,|it's very peaceful...
{109060}{109107}and that's where Diego|has his new home.
{109108}{109179}I understand he's bought|a hundred sixty acres.
{109180}{109251}A hotel, a marina and an airstrip.
{109252}{109345}He's doin' multiple runs right now|usin' the island as ajump-off point.
{109370}{109512}And Jack Stevens is already a very|busy man, along with many others.
{109586}{109633}Aw, shit.
{110018}{110065}Hey, am I wearing lipstick?
{110066}{110137}I said, am I wearing lipstick?
{110138}{110185}When I'm fucked,|I want my face pretty.
{110186}{110233}Look, I can't be in|the middle ofthis.
{110234}{110328}-That's between you and Diego.|-I bring you into-- Hang on.
{110330}{110377}-Happy New Year.|-Happy New Year.
{110378}{110449}I bring you in,|this is how you pay me back?
{110450}{110544}It's nothing personal. I love you.|This is business.
{110570}{110617}I got to go, George.
{110714}{110761}What's wrong?
{110880}{110928}Happy New Year.
{111408}{111456}Welcome, my friend.
{111456}{111551}-It's been a long time.|-Don't touch me.
{111696}{111768}Happy to see you, George.|My brother.
{111768}{111816}No more brothers, Diego.
{111864}{111912}Why do you say that?
{111960}{112032}Of course we are brothers.
{112032}{112080}You fucked me.
{112080}{112128}I did not.
{112152}{112200}Yeah, you did.
{112200}{112270}You went behind my back.|You fucked me.
{112271}{112294}Me? No.
{112319}{112366}Never, George.
{112511}{112558}I talked to Derek.
{112871}{112918}maybe you're right.
{112943}{112990}Maybe I did betray you...
{112991}{113038}a little bit.
{113279}{113373}Yeah, I stole your California|connection.
{113423}{113494}Who introduced you to|Pablo Escobar?
{113495}{113542}Me. Me.
{113567}{113660}Who introduced you to your|fucking Colombian wife?
{113661}{113708}Me. Who protected you...
{113709}{113828}when my friend, Cesar Rosa wanted|to slice your fucking throat out?
{113901}{113996}Who made you make millions|and millions of dollars?
{114045}{114116}And what do I get in return?
{114285}{114380}I have always given you everything,|George. Always.
{114525}{114572}that is over now.
{114645}{114740}Yeah, this is my operation,|my dream. So go home.
{114789}{114836}Go back home.
{114837}{114908}Go back to your stupid little life.
{114909}{114980}Go back and sell half grams to|your fucking relatives--
{115053}{115148}Because you're out. And don't be|so emotional, George.
{115149}{115220}We are brothers. We are brothers.
{115389}{115460}Next time it's fucking loaded.
{115509}{115556}Bye. Bye.
{115869}{115964}-Say hello to your pretty wife for me.|-Sure.
{117620}{117691}-Jesus Christ.|-It's all right, honey.
{117716}{117787}-Look at you.|-It's okay.
{117788}{117859}It's okay, baby.|It's over.
{117884}{117955}I quit the business. I'm out.
{117978}{118025}It's all over.
{118050}{118097}And I'm not going back.
{118170}{118241}It's just you and me|and the baby.
{118266}{118360}And there's nothing else.|There's just us.
{118386}{118433}You know...
{118458}{118505}fuck it.
{118554}{118601}Fuck them.
{118674}{118721}Fuck them.
{118770}{118817}Come here.
{118914}{118937}I did.
{118938}{119032}I quit the business.|Got out completely.
{119034}{119105}I mean, what the fuck?|Whynot?
{119106}{119200}I'd made 60 million dollars|and I was out clean.
{119226}{119320}Well...maybe ljumped the|gun on "clean."
{119322}{119393}Georgie, let's go!|The baby's coming!
{119394}{119440}I'm coming! I'm coming.
{119440}{119488}Jesus Christ.
{119488}{119536}George, hurry up!
{119656}{119704}Georgie, let's go!
{119704}{119752}Right! Right! Right!
{119752}{119800}What the fuck?
{120016}{120064}I'll be right down.
{120304}{120376}Watching mybabygirl being|born didsomething to me.
{120376}{120495}They talk about religious experiences.|I didn't believe in religion.
{120496}{120544}I didn't even particularly|like kids.
{120544}{120616}But when Kristina Sunshine Jung|came into the world,
{120616}{120664}somethin' in me changed.
{120664}{120736}I knew what I was put on|the planet for.
{120736}{120808}It was the greatest feeling|I everhad...
{120808}{120926}followed veryabruptlyby|the worst feeling I everhad.
{120975}{121069}Call the cardiologist. I think he's|having a heart attack.
{121239}{121310}The official toxicitylimit for|humans is between one...
{121311}{121382}and one-and-a-halfgrams of|cocaine, depending on body weight.
{121383}{121477}I was averaging five grams a day,|maybe more.
{121479}{121550}Isnorted ten grams in|ten minutes once.
{121551}{121598}I guess I had high tolerance.
{121599}{121670}George, I'm not here|to give you lectures.
{121671}{121765}I have no moral interest in|what you do or don't do.
{121767}{121814}But take it easy, George.
{121815}{121862}Stay with us a while.
{121863}{121910}You have a daughter now.
{122055}{122102}A daughter.
{122605}{122652}I came home and|cleaned up myact.
{122653}{122748}I didn't do anything.|No drink, no nothing.
{122749}{122796}Soberas ajudge.
{122797}{122868}Mylife was all about Kristina.
{122869}{122940}Being with her,|taking care ofher.
{122941}{123012}I wanted to be a father,|a good father...
{123013}{123084}just like my old man was to me.
{123996}{124090}After five years oflaying low,|stillsober...
{124092}{124163}Mirtha needed to have some fun.
{124164}{124235}So on my 38th birthday,|she threw a little party...
{124236}{124283}and invitedsome old friends.
{124332}{124379}Happy birthday, George.
{124404}{124451}Mirtha invited me.
{124452}{124499}Yeah, she told me.
{124548}{124619}Look, I'm sorry about everything.
{124619}{124691}You were right. I did fuck you.
{124691}{124786}And Diego fucked me.|Cut me out too.
{124787}{124835}Yeah, I heard about it.
{124836}{124907}I lost sight of everything,|George.
{124932}{125003}Forgot who my friends were.
{125028}{125099}Well, fuck it. It's in the past.
{125124}{125169}Forget about it.|I'm out ofthe business...
{125170}{125264}-so we'll just move on.|-Yeah.
{125290}{125337}Good to see you, Derek.
{125338}{125385}You too.
{125434}{125528}-Let's get a drink.|-Who's cutting your hair?
{125530}{125601}That's fucking funny,|motherfucker!
{125602}{125673}Let's have some fucking fun!
{125674}{125721}Jesus, is that Mirtha?
{125722}{125840}Christ almighty, George.|What does she weigh, 80 pounds?
{125842}{125913}Yeah, give or take.|Come on.
{125914}{126008}Happybirthday to you
{126010}{126104}Happybirthday to you
{126130}{126224}Happybirthday to you
{126346}{126393}to you
{126680}{126775}I'm the onlyguy on the planet|gets busted by fucking waiters.
{126776}{126895}Why the feds decided to bust me on|thatparticularnight, I'll neverknow.
{126896}{126968}Maybe it was the Porsches and|the Maseratis in the driveway...
{126968}{127063}my Colombian guest list or the|cocaine buffet.
{127064}{127159}Whateverit was, they werejust|waiting forme to slip up.
{127184}{127232}And I did.
{128239}{128333}-What's this?|-Your statement. How it was all yours.
{128335}{128382}The cocaine was for|personal use.
{128383}{128430}None ofthe guests had|any idea it was there.
{128431}{128478}Yeah, right.
{128599}{128717}I want my kid out of protective|custody. Now. No fucking around.
{128719}{128813}My wife and my daughter on|a plane tonight.
{128815}{128886}I sign this when|I know they're safe.
{128887}{128981}-No fucking way.|-Well, fuck you. I sign nothing, then.
{129103}{129126}Do it.
{129223}{129270}-One more thing.|-What?
{129271}{129318}Get me a six-pack.
{129319}{129366}Yeah, right.
{129511}{129605}There was no wayin the world|I was going back to prison.
{129607}{129701}So lsigned the deal,|took the rap andposted bail.
{129703}{129797}Once again, I would become|a fugitive on the run.
{129919}{129990}-Hi, Dad.|-Hello, George.
{130111}{130158}Ermine, your son is here.
{130159}{130230}Tell him I don't want to see him.
{130231}{130302}Tell him he's not welcome here.
{130303}{130374}-Mom--|-Don't ya dare step foot in this house.
{130375}{130446}You're not my son. You hear me?
{130447}{130518}I don't have a son anymore.
{130615}{130709}She's angry, George.|It's been all over the news.
{130855}{130924}I just wanted let you guys know...
{130925}{130996}I'll be going away for a while.
{131069}{131140}-You're not going to go to trial?|-No.
{131597}{131644}So this is it.
{131717}{131764}I hope not, Pop.
{131813}{131836}Me too.
{132245}{132292}I've got to go, Pop.
{132293}{132363}-Take care ofyourself.|-You too.
{132868}{132915}I wish to present Seor Rodriguez.
{132916}{132987}He's the president of our bank.
{133060}{133154}I am afraid that there is a problem,|Mr.Jung.
{133156}{133250}The banks have gone through|a change. Nationalization.
{133276}{133323}I am afraid that...
{133348}{133466}your funds have been appropriated|by the Panamanian government.
{133492}{133539}Please forgive me.
{133540}{133634}Someone should have called you|from the bank earlier.
{133636}{133683}My apologies, please.
{133780}{133825}What are we going to do?
{133874}{133945}-What're we goin' to do for money?!|-Mirtha, please.
{133946}{134017}I'll talk to Augusto.|I'll work for him.
{134018}{134065}Tell me!|Answer the fucking question!
{134066}{134184}What do we spend?! What?!|How will we live?!
{134186}{134280}-Not in front ofthe kid.|-Don't give me that shit.
{134282}{134353}You just better do something.
{134690}{134784}Everything's going to be okay.|Don't be upset.
{134786}{134833}What's happening to us?
{134906}{134953}I don't know.
{134978}{135025}Are we going to get split up?
{135026}{135097}No, Jesus. God,|don't even say that.
{135122}{135193}Listen to me. I love your mother.
{135218}{135264}But she's upset right now.
{135336}{135384}And you're my heart, kid.
{135432}{135504}Now, could I live without|my heart?
{135504}{135552}I hope not.
{135624}{135719}Take it easy. There's a fucking|cop right behind us.
{135720}{135839}-Just fucking drive.|-What is your fucking problem?
{135864}{135936}We're broke.|That's my fucking problem.
{135960}{136032}-And you are a fucking spy.|-What?
{136080}{136175}That's right. Always spying,|always judging.
{136176}{136295}Everyone's laughing at you in|your face, you fucking pussy.
{136296}{136368}You let Diego fuck you in the ass.
{136368}{136463}Maybe because you like it. Maybe|because you are a faggot.
{136464}{136512}That's what I think you are.
{136512}{136607}I think you fuck him. You don't fuck|me. You must fuck somebody else.
{136632}{136678}-Mirtha, come on.|-Why's that?
{136679}{136773}-Why don't you fuck me anymore?|-Take it easy.
{136775}{136869}-Why?! Why don't you fuck me anymore?|-Get over there.
{137087}{137158}Don't you ever put your hands|on me, motherfucker!
{137159}{137230}Don't you ever touch me again!|Asshole!
{137231}{137302}-Relax.|-Get your hands off me!
{137327}{137398}He's a fugitive and a fucking|cocaine dealer!
{137399}{137470}He has a kilo in his trunk|right now!
{137519}{137590}Take this sorry motherfucker|to jail!
{138573}{138620}I'm divorcing you, George.
{138645}{138716}I'm getting custody of Kristina.
{138741}{138836}And when you get out next week,|you're going to pay support.
{138837}{138884}And that's the end of it.
{138981}{139028}There's someone else.
{139053}{139100}I don't think you care...
{139149}{139196}but I wanted to tell you.
{139269}{139316}Say something.
{139341}{139412}What do you want me to say?
{139413}{139460}I'm in prison.
{139509}{139627}-Ya should know, ya put me in here.|-I knew ya'd say somethin' like that.
{139652}{139723}Always thinking about yourself.
{140012}{140059}-Say hello to your father.|-My God.
{140084}{140131}-No.|-Now. Say hello.
{140300}{140347}Hello, sweetheart.
{140396}{140467}I thought you couldn't live|without your heart.
{141234}{141352}Everysingle dayin thejoint|I thought ofone thing.
{141354}{141401}One thing only.
{141474}{141545}I needed to get myheart back.
{141690}{141737}Bye, guys.
{142098}{142121}Hi, honey.
{142122}{142169}What are you doing here?
{142194}{142312}I wanted to let you know I was|out and I wanted to see you.
{142362}{142409}How you doing?
{142410}{142504}George, you just can't show up|like this.
{142504}{142552}Why don't you try calling me Dad?
{142552}{142624}I don't want to, all right?|Now leave me alone.
{142624}{142696}Wait. Honey, listen. Kristina...
{142720}{142768}I'm sorry.
{142792}{142887}I want to make everything okay.|You know?
{142912}{142984}What do you want from me?
{143032}{143104}I want to be your dad again.
{143128}{143223}I just want to walk with you,|ifyou don't mind.
{143224}{143296}I want to make everything okay.
{143368}{143463}Ifyou could go anywhere in the|world...anywhere...
{143464}{143512}where would you want to go?
{143512}{143560}I was making headway.
{143560}{143655}Kristina and I walked to and|from school everyday.
{143656}{143704}Things were starting to look up.
{143704}{143799}California? Well, you can go|anywhere in the world.
{143800}{143919}You can go to lndia, Tibet, lsrael,|France, whatever.
{143920}{143992}You'd still choose California?
{144040}{144088}Hey, Mom.
{144088}{144183}All right. Well, look, go on inside.
{144256}{144351}-Bye, Dad. See you in the morning.|-Okay, I'll be here.
{144400}{144448}Hey, Mom.
{144448}{144520}I'm going to go inside and|do my homework.
{144520}{144592}Okay. I'll be there in a minute.
{144736}{144784}What do you want?
{144808}{144856}A truce.
{144856}{144928}I don't want to fight with|you anymore.
{144928}{145000}I just want to get along with you.
{145000}{145048}Be civil.
{145120}{145192}You know I've been seeing|Kristina?
{145192}{145240}Yeah, she told me.
{145240}{145288}You walk her to school.
{145383}{145430}Anyway, I've been thinking....
{145527}{145574}I love her. You know that.
{145599}{145693}I was thinking I'd kind of like|to have her.
{145743}{145837}I've been away for such a|long time, you know.
{145839}{145910}I just want to be with her.
{145959}{146030}I haven't seen one dollar|from you.
{146031}{146102}You haven't paid me one cent.
{146127}{146174}Child support, alimony.
{146271}{146365}You start helping us|we'll see what will happen.
{146463}{146510}All right. That's it.
{146535}{146606}That's all I wanted to say.
{146631}{146678}Take care.
{146679}{146726}You too.
{147013}{147060}Are you okay?
{147229}{147300}Hello? Derek, hey. George.
{147349}{147468}Look. I need to do something.|I want to put together a crew.
{147469}{147516}Know anybody?
{147541}{147636}It's a four-man operation. Two|on the ground, two in the air.
{147637}{147684}Who's the copilot?
{147709}{147756}You're looking at him.
{147757}{147828}We'll provide the plane,|transportation costs...
{147829}{147900}U.S. Ianding spot, wherever|you want it to go.
{147901}{147996}You provide the pickup point and|you're responsible for payment.
{147997}{148068}You also assume all bust risk.
{148069}{148140}We take sixty-five percent of all|transportation fees...
{148141}{148211}ten percent ofthe gross,|plus our expenses.
{148212}{148330}And this is not a negotiation, so if|it's okay with you, we can talk further.
{148332}{148379}If not, forget we had|this conversation.
{148380}{148451}No, no, no.|Everything sounds good.
{148452}{148523}I must meet everybody involved,|though.
{148548}{148619}They're right there at the table.
{148668}{148715}Gentlemen, this is George.
{148740}{148787}What do you say?
{148788}{148835}-Oh, my God, Dulli.|-Oh, my God.
{148836}{148907}Jesus. It's been years, man.
{148908}{148955}You look great.
{148956}{149074}This is my friend. I've known|this guy for thirty years.
{149076}{149147}-Have my seat.|-Nice to see you.
{149148}{149195}Heard you got married.
{149220}{149267}Honey, you know what?
{149316}{149387}I'm getting out oftown this week.
{149388}{149435}Well, where are you going?
{149436}{149507}I don't know. Maybe California.
{149556}{149625}Check it out, see what it's like.
{149626}{149720}I got a few things I have to take|care of first, but maybe Thursday...
{149722}{149769}Thursday, after school.
{149770}{149841}You know I can't.|Mom will never let me go.
{149842}{149889}Let me take care ofyour mother.
{149890}{149937}Just pack your bags, okay?
{149938}{149985}But I've got school.
{149986}{150080}I know. But a friend of mine told me|they got schools in California too.
{150082}{150129}-You swear?|-Yeah.
{150130}{150224}Three o'clock, Thursday, at your|mother's. You and me?
{150226}{150297}-It's a date.|-I don't believe you.
{150370}{150441}I swear on my life, scout's honor.
{150442}{150489}Swear on my life.
{150610}{150657}I swear on your life.
{151256}{151304}All right!
{151352}{151400}That's a nice boy.
{151400}{151448}Go get him, Dulli.
{151496}{151520}Get in.
{151712}{151760}Are we good?
{151760}{151855}Are we good? Yeah, we're good.|We're fucking beautiful.
{151856}{151904}We're perfect.
{151904}{152023}This is grade-A, 100% pure Colombian|cocaine, ladies and gentlemen.
{152024}{152096}Disco shit. Pure as the driven snow.
{152120}{152168}Good fucking riddance.
{152192}{152264}-You saved my life.|-No, I didn't.
{152264}{152359}No shit. You'll never know.|Really. All you guys.
{152384}{152479}And being as how I'm feeling so|fucking generous tonight...
{152480}{152526}you just got a raise.
{152551}{152598}A raise?
{152599}{152693}Instead often percent,|you're going to get fifteen.
{152695}{152742}Jesus, George.
{152743}{152790}That's an extra two hundred grand.
{152791}{152885}That's right. Do whatever you|want with it. Have a nice life.
{152887}{152981}I'm out. "Finito".|Last fucking party.
{152983}{153101}I'm going out to California.|Start a new life with my kid.
{153103}{153150}Here's to it.
{153151}{153222}-Cheers.|-Here's to you, Georgie.
{153271}{153365}-Here's to you, George.|-Cheers. All right, fellas.
{153391}{153485}Another round?|I'm going to hit the head.
{153511}{153582}I feel like a fucking kid today.
{153941}{154012}-What?|-I feel bad.
{154037}{154060}Me too.
{154109}{154228}I like him too, but what's done is|done. So let's not get all sentimental.
{154445}{154516}Dulli, you know what|I was thinking?
{154517}{154588}I was remembering that time|we flew into Mexico.
{154589}{154660}You remember that landing strip?
{154685}{154732}Fucking nuts.
{154733}{154780}You're much better now.
{154973}{155020}What's going on?
{155021}{155116}What the fuck?|What's with the long faces?
{155285}{155332}Where's my fucking knife?
{156148}{156195}Let's do it.
{156556}{156603}I was busted.
{156604}{156722}Set up by the FBI and the DEA.|That didn't botherme.
{156724}{156817}Set up byKevin Dulli and Derek|Foreal to save their own asses.
{156818}{156865}That didn't botherme.
{156866}{156937}Sentenced to sixtyyears|at Otisville.
{156938}{156985}That didn't botherme.
{157058}{157105}I'd broken a promise.
{157154}{157225}Everything I love in mylife|goes away.
{157586}{157633}What's going on?
{157754}{157801}-You all right?|-I'm good.
{158018}{158089}-What do you got?|-Bad news.
{158114}{158208}Tried to get you furloughed,|but your mom squashed it.
{158258}{158329}Said would only upset him.
{158354}{158425}So doesn't look good.
{158594}{158641}How's he doing?
{158642}{158736}Not good. He's out of|the hospital. He's home.
{158786}{158857}there's nothing anyone can do.
{158858}{158929}I think it's just a matter oftime.
{159002}{159073}Got you a tape recorder. I thought...
{159074}{159216}he might want to hear your voice. If|you want to say somethin' to him.
{159242}{159289}I'll give you five.
{160032}{160080}Hello, Dad.
{160176}{160224}You know,|I remember a lifetime ago...
{160224}{160319}I was about three|and a half feet tall...
{160320}{160439}weighing all of sixty pounds,|but every inch your son.
{160464}{160536}Those Saturdaymornings goin'|to work with mydad.
{160536}{160631}And we'd climb into that|big green truck.
{160632}{160751}I thought that truck was the|biggest truck in the universe, Pop.
{160776}{160848}I rememberhow important|thejob we did was.
{160848}{160967}How, ifit weren't for us|people would freeze to death.
{161016}{161111}I thought you were the strongest|man in the world.
{161135}{161253}Remember those home movies when Mom|would dress up like Loretta Young?
{161255}{161349}Ice creams and football games?|Waino, the Tuna....
{161351}{161469}Dayl left for California only to|come home with the FBI chasing me.
{161471}{161589}When that FBI agent had to get on|his knees to put mybootson, ya said...
{161591}{161733}That's where you belong, you son|of a bitch. Putting on Georgie's boots.
{161735}{161782}That was a good one, Dad.
{161807}{161854}That was really something.
{161855}{161902}You remember that?
{161975}{162046}And when you told me money|wasn't real?
{162071}{162118}Well, old man...
{162119}{162237}I'm forty-two years old,|and I finally realize...
{162239}{162357}what you were trying to tell me|so many years ago.
{162383}{162430}I finally understand.
{162551}{162596}You're the best, Dad.
{162621}{162740}Ijust wish I could've done more|forya. I wish we had more time.
{162909}{162980}"May the wind always be at your|back..."
{162981}{163052}"and the sun always upon your|face..."
{163053}{163196}"and the winds ofdestiny to carry|ya aloft to dance with the stars."
{163389}{163436}I love you, Dad.
{163461}{163508}Love, George.
{164036}{164130}George, come on.|You have a visitor.
{164804}{164851}Hello, sweetheart.
{164948}{164995}Hi, Daddy.
{165068}{165115}God, you're so big.
{165284}{165331}Daddy's a fuckup.
{165642}{165736}You're the only thing in|my life ever meant anything.
{165738}{165785}-You swear?|-I swear, baby.
{165834}{165881}I swear.
{165906}{165953}I love you, Kristina.
{165978}{166049}You're the only good thing|in my life.
{166050}{166144}The only thing that ever meant|anything to me.
{166146}{166193}I love you.
{166434}{166481}Come on, let's go.
{166650}{166721}So tell me about your life.
{166722}{166816}-What do you want to know?|-Everything.
{166818}{166888}What do you do?|You go to school?
{166936}{166984}Just like the old man.
{167080}{167152}Let's go. It's getting dark.
{167152}{167224}Come on. It's getting late.
{167296}{167344}Come on, let's go.
{167440}{167488}Let's go.
{167512}{167560}I got a visitor.
{167560}{167632}Not today, George.|It's time to go back.
{167680}{167799}Yeah, but l... I want to put her|on the list for tomorrow.
{167800}{167848}My daughter.
{167896}{167968}My daughter's going to visit me|tomorrow.
{167968}{168040}So in the end, was it worth it?
{168040}{168112}-It's lockdown time.|-Jesus Christ.
{168112}{168207}How irreparably changed|mylife has become.
{168208}{168280}It's always the last day of summer,|and I'm left out in the cold...
{168280}{168350}with no door to get back in.
{168351}{168445}I'll grantyou, I've had more than|my share of poignant moments.
{168447}{168565}Life passes most people by while|they're making grand plans for it.
{168567}{168685}Through out my lifetime, I've left|pieces of my heart here and there...
{168687}{168781}and now there's almost|not enough to stay alive.
{168783}{168877}But I force a smile,|knowing that my ambition...
{168879}{168926}far exceeded my talent.
{168951}{169069}There are no more white horses|or pretty ladies at my door.
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